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Cool Nights Summer Knits

The weather here at the international House of Hot Pants has been delightfully cool in the evening. We’re going to a seaside clam bake later.  We think this calls for some colorful graphic knits and some (not so short) hot pants. Happy Hot Pants Friday colorful cuties! [via]

He’s Into Cars

…just in case you wanted to strike up a conversation with him while he’s hanging out by the tool shed. Happy Hot Pants Friday! [via]

Oh, Gia!

Things to do this summer: wear hot pants, go swimming, enjoy the outdoors, read Thing Of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia. Things not to do this summer: hurt shoulders doing uncomfortable supermodel poses, heroin. Happy Hot Pants Friday!

Hot Pants Reflections by Helmut Newton

Nice shades! No sun in Chicago today. Boo. We all want to garden this weekend and it’s cold outside.  Glad I haven’t put away my parka–even though it was in the 80s this past week. Image via Pinterest, 1971. Sigh…Happy Hot Pants Friday!  (With wool tights and sweaters.)  

Gangsta Doll in Hot Pants

Yo! Friday. Yo! Snow be happening. In April. For realz. Yo! Hot Pants overalls on this doll. Sick. Happy Hot Pants Friday. Yellow boots, yo!


Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Hot Pants Friday! Happy Hot Pants Friday, all you super heroes! Wishing you blue skies and a whole lot less cheek peek. It’s still winter where we live. (Cheek peek? Did that just come out of my keyboard? Ew…) [image via]

Friday’s Muse

Peggy Moffit and the International House of Hot Pants wish you a very Happy HOT PANTS FRIDAY! Paging through The Rudi  Gernreich Book this morning, I’m reminded of the stellar contribution that Gernreich, Moffitt, and photographer William Claxton made to the world of fashion. Each page yields a wonderful surprise that looks as innovative now as [...]

International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day. Why spend just a day on this? Let’s smash the racist, homophobic, patriarchal bullshit paradigm every day! International House of Hot Pants wishes you a Happy Hot Pants Friday! [via]  

Hot Pants in Harlem

This photo is from the Harlem series by Anthony Barboza from 1970. Images like this are the reason we started Hot Pants Friday. Just look at it. Every single thing about this photo is perfection. Happy Hot Pants Friday! [via]

Jugs ‘n Suds : A Breastaurant

It’s Friday night! Let’s go down to Jugs ‘n Suds and get a hot dog. What’s Jugs ‘n Suds? It’s that new adult fast food drive-in where the carhops wear hot pants and tassels. No kidding–it’s a topless drive-in! It’s 1976 and this short-lived concept restaurant  is what later evolved into that buffalo chicken wing eatery [...]