It’s Friday! International House of Hot Pants hopes to see you at CRITICAL MASS later today.  If you’re looking for iHot, you will know us by the pants we wear.

Some random things:

  • It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, so if you don’t see posts here, that’s why. Who knows? Maybe it will rain and force me to be inside. Or perhaps I’ll be around icing my foot and I’ll have something to gab about here.
  • *Don’t forget to vote for me HERE. Please.
  • *Do you want to support a charity? I am riding in THIS EVENT. I’d love your support!
  • *By the way, THIS AMAZING DRESS sold. I’m happy to send it to its new home, but I’m a little bit sad to see it leave the nest. It is one of my favorite ’40s dresses.


Image via. You’ll be seeing more from this site.

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