Once again, superstar vintage sleuth, Sue from princess_fluff found an image from one of her many catalogs that matches a trompe l’oeil scarf print skirt that’s available on my website. This ad is from 1957 and shows that fabulous blonde catalog model who loves her some teeth whitening strips.  Isn’t the matching polka dot top adorable? I love how the ties on the shoulders mimic the trompe l’oeil on the skirt.

Now, look! It’s a three-piece sensational set with skirt, blouse, bloomers, and sun hat.  Now that is cute super cute.  All that sweetness just made my own my own (not so white) tooth develop a big ol’ cavity.

Don’t you just love these bloomer shorts. They remind me of loose hot pants. (I have heard that in some fashion circles, there is a lot of interest in hot pants.) These seem like hot pants for the more modest, practical-minded, shorts wearing set.

You can buy the skirt here. I mention in my description that there is a spot on the skirt.  You can’t see it in the photo. That’s because it is so faint, even my camera couldn’t pick it up when I tried a close-up shot.  You can also have a discount if you buy it now. I’ve set up a coupon code for 10% off this skirt. The sale ends at midnight on 3/10/2011.  Type in CORNTEETH at the check out when you buy it and you’ll get the discount.

Oh–and not so incidentally, that 10% discount applies to anything else you buy on the site. It ends on Thursday, so brush those teeth and get clickin’ and shoppin’ at Lucitebox!


Don’t forget to check out the leopard print stilettos at Princess_Fluff. Amazeballs! Thanks for sending these scans to me, Sue!

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