Happy Hot Pants Friday! It could not come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.  (I ate a lot of pretzels this week and now I’m very thirsty.)

Hope you New Englanders are in your hot pants and hunkered down for the big storm that’s a brewin’!

I’m trying to post more frequently on the blog. I want to, but it’s just…well…I don’t have a lot to say.

Be glad you don’t have to follow the drivel that flows from my mind. Just think…you could read fascinating things like this:

As you can see, I’m a hit at parties. (Facebookie friends actually did “like” and comment on this ennui crap!)

Say, if you have a minute, would you add something to the comments here? I’m fishing for content and topics for the blog. Maybe there are old features and various rants and raves I can delve back into again.  Or, how about we crowd source some new ideas you might have that would compel me to post more often?

Can you suggest things?  Please?

I am open to your thoughts! Lord only knows that my own are miserably mundane. (Well, now you know it, too.)

P.S. My best friend said I need to start writing more. I could have taken that to mean that I’m talking too much, but instead I decided to accept it as she meant it. She followed it with, “You’re good at it. I like reading what you write.”  Perhaps that’s what I need at this point–just a dash of encouragement.

P.P.S. image via the Pinterest board: Hair Hoppers which is marvelous.


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