I love Roberta DiCamarino velvets. I heard a rumor that her velvets are so perfect and her desire for perfection was so great that monks worked in the dark to weave her the patterns.  Her work is iconic and to carry one of her bags seems like the perfect insider fashionista statement. I tend to like the velvet bags, but what I like most is her use of trompe l’oeil in her clothing designs. She used it fairly often, weaving or printing fake buckles, jewels, and whatnot on fabrics to trick the eye into thinking there’s something there that’s not there.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here that “I can’t having anything nice.” That is to say, I’m not the most conscientious clothes wearer. I spill, I pop buttons, I blow out armpits. Considering the beating some of my clothes take, you would think I’m a monkey swinging from branches while foraging for food. Or, that I hang out with other monkeys who fling things at me.

I love this coat. It’s Roberta at her best. I suspect the reserve is hefty and I would expect it to be worth it. These things don’t come around very often. This coat is not at all appropriate for slobs like me, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you this. It’s wonderful. I would own it and hide it away (in the dark) and never wear it. With my luck, I’d somehow manage to get bleach on it while it’s hanging in the closet and ruin Roberta’s exquisite trick of the eye.

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