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Hot Pants in Harlem

This photo is from the Harlem series by Anthony Barboza from 1970.

Images like this are the reason we started Hot Pants Friday.

Just look at it.

Every single thing about this photo is perfection.

Happy Hot Pants Friday!


Jugs ‘n Suds : A Breastaurant

It’s Friday night! Let’s go down to Jugs ‘n Suds and get a hot dog.

What’s Jugs ‘n Suds? It’s that new adult fast food drive-in where the carhops wear hot pants and tassels. No kidding–it’s a topless drive-in! It’s 1976 and this short-lived concept restaurant  is what later evolved into that buffalo chicken wing eatery we now call Hooters.

Read more about it here.

Incidentally, never ones to get terribly bent out of shape over semantics, International House of Hot Pants would like to add that these are probably considered cut-offs, not hot pants. Cut-offs– the cheaper, less classy, (okay, let’s just say sleazier) cousin of hot pants.

Happy Cut-Offs Friday, hot pants fans!

Hot Pants PinUp

Happy Hot Pants Friday! It could not come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.  (I ate a lot of pretzels this week and now I’m very thirsty.)

Hope you New Englanders are in your hot pants and hunkered down for the big storm that’s a brewin’!

I’m trying to post more frequently on the blog. I want to, but it’s just…well…I don’t have a lot to say.

Be glad you don’t have to follow the drivel that flows from my mind. Just think…you could read fascinating things like this:

As you can see, I’m a hit at parties. (Facebookie friends actually did “like” and comment on this ennui crap!)

Say, if you have a minute, would you add something to the comments here? I’m fishing for content and topics for the blog. Maybe there are old features and various rants and raves I can delve back into again.  Or, how about we crowd source some new ideas you might have that would compel me to post more often?

Can you suggest things?  Please?

I am open to your thoughts! Lord only knows that my own are miserably mundane. (Well, now you know it, too.)

P.S. My best friend said I need to start writing more. I could have taken that to mean that I’m talking too much, but instead I decided to accept it as she meant it. She followed it with, “You’re good at it. I like reading what you write.”  Perhaps that’s what I need at this point–just a dash of encouragement.

P.P.S. image via the Pinterest board: Hair Hoppers which is marvelous.


Hot Pants For Sportsball

Something tells me that the footwear option isn’t going to work out that well…

What do I know? I’m not into sportsball.

Eat some taco dip while you enjoy Superbowl Sunday! Oh, and may your area team win the big game! Happy Hot Pants Friday



Babes, Beers, and Boots

It’s a hot pants brigade at the bar! We should all be so lucky as to stumble onto this gang of hot pants lovers tonight. It’s Friday! Go out and show ‘em what you’ve got!

International House of Hot Pants wishes you a happy, happy Hot Pants Friday!

(P.S. 3rd lady from the left…that’s all we’re going to say.)



Short Hair Short Shorts

Wherever they are headed, you just know that they know they look great!

It’s Friday. Enjoy it. Wear some short shorts! Happy Hot Pants Friday.


[via, but I found it on someone's pinterest.]

Mini Hot Pants

Happy Hot Pants Friday! Here’s to International Flair!  Love that ’70s Mini Cooper!  More of them here!

This Holiday Season–Relax!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to kick back in that La-Z-Boy and relax.

Happy Holidays and Happy Hot Pants Friday from your friends at The International House of Hot Pants!


[via: one of our Flickr favorites]

December in the Dorms

Sue can hardly contain herself because it’s Hot Pants Friday and she’s finally moving out of the dorms!

Happy Hot Pants Friday to the Graduates and the Drop-Outs!

“Those lips!”

Thanks to our pal, Susan at Northstarvintage for sending us this photo of Mick Jagger.  We suppose those are supposed to be swim trunks, but those in the know would probably call them hot pants.

Happy Astro-Pervert Hot Pants Friday to you!


[Astro-pervert hot pants?]