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My (Hardly) Secret Shame

I’m a Facebook addict. I also like to eat cheese and drink beer in the evening at any point of the day when it’s not socially unacceptable to do that. Most of the time when I’m not actually doing something, I’m catching up on Facebook.

Here’s a sweet dog picture I posted on Facebook three weeks ago.  I have new client with a super cute hound who is blind in one eye.

I’m sorry that I’ve abandoned my blog in favor of Facebook.  I used to want to post here more than once a week. You may recall my overly contrite posts about my forthcoming blog called BO-RRRing.


Not boring: We had a Best Shitty Beer competition this past summer.

The results are forthcoming. We still have more shitty beer to taste test. We had to stop as we ran out of shitty beers, and also there was a power outtage due to extreme electricity usage in Chicago. Jenny got a flat tire on her way home from the beer contest. We all woke up feeling bloated though none of use were even remotely drunk on this shitty beer. It takes a lot of shitty beer to make you feel inebriated.

Anyway, what was I tapping? Oh. I think it’s kinda silly when bloggers stop blogging and then return only to apologize for not doing the thing they think people want them to do. I used to be foolish enough to believe I had an audience. I don’t. Except on Facebook!


People looked at this photo of my shirt.  2 facebook friends made comments and  11 people like this vintage western shirt.


Here’s one of my Facebook profile photos that also appeared on The Hair Hall of Fame  where I blog alongside a crew of utterly hilarious humans who demand that you visit them regularly. You owe it to yourself and your hairdid.


There’s a captive audience on Facebook. I’ve got  three hundred some friends, some of whom I don’t remember from high school and many who I don’t even really know in real life.  On this here blog, I believe I have two readers. Possibly six. This is not something I care to worry over or somehow strive to change.  I will blog when I can and this blog will be what it is. As some famous philosopher or an infamous street thug once said, “It is what it is.” (I’ll bet you thought I was going to quote Doris Day.)

Here’s a photo of magnets.


 I posted them after we went on our Cheese Curd Crawl. Two other Wisco expats and I are riding around town in search of Chicago’s best deep fried cheese curds. We are about to wrap it up and invite our friends to the Cheese Curd Invitational where we award a local establishment “The Golden Curd” trophy. Who will it be?

You’ll have to check Facebook.  Perhaps I will show the results of our Score Curds™ on Facebook.


Facebook is my scrapbook. Whether it’s the food I ate, the dogs I walked, or other random yet heavily contemplated bon mots I probably wouldn’t ever think of saying aloud in real life–that is where I share them instead of here. Why that platform over this one? I wish I knew.


A friend of mine (who I do actually know in the flesh world) was mentioning some song from Mary Poppins that always makes her cry. I realized that I have never seen Mary Poppins.  That’s my secret shame. Well, that and all of the cheese I’ve been eating. Nevermind. I’m from Wisconsin. Our state is made of cheese. It’s true. The hills are alive with the sound of cheddar.

Speaking of the sound of cheddar, I’ve never seen Sound of Music! And here are a few more I’ve never seen:

  • Doctor Zhivago
  • West Side Story
  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • My Fair Lady
And those are just the musicals! I’m not going to get into the classic films that every red blooded human knows. I could easily list them, but  forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.
Here are some other random things I’ve recently shared on Facebook. I went on a bike ride with my friend Kate. We rode our bikes 100 miles. We had fun and our asses hurt. As far as I’m concerned, after 75 miles, you might as well just keep going because it’s not possible for it get much worse. (There were hills and wind which made everything a lot more challenging.) You know,  my over arcing life theory is a two-fer: “It could be a lot worse” and “Anything can happen.” When taken in tandem, the two thoughts seem to cancel each other out or ring true depending on your tone of voice or your state of mind. (Think about that.)
I ride my bike a lot.  Many of my photos and posts on Facebook are related to that. I would like to be riding my bike most of the time. I’m hoping to do some touring next year. My friend Karen thinks we should do that in Europe. I can’t imagine having the money to travel for that long and simultaneously finance my life while I’m not working. (What savings?)
Nevertheless, I like to imagine myself being these people in these photos. I mean, not actually BEING them, but doing what they’re doing.  (P.s. I don’t know these people. They’re not my friends on Facebook. Karen posted a link to the blog about bike tours in Belgium on my Facebook.)
I especially like this part of the Beer in Belgium tour.
Then there was this gem over on FB.
This past summer we spotted a crew of tie dye clad folks at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Speaking for myself, as only I can, this was the high point of my summer. It may even eclipse all other things I saw or experienced in 2012.   At this point, my motto for 2012 is “FTW: Tie Dye!” Or “WTF: Tie Dye?”  The year isn’t over.


How about this photo taken on a random Tuesday night I went to see my hairdresser and was treated to a marvelous seafood dinner at her house. Her friend (in real life) is a fish monger. He came over for a haircut that night, too. We ate a lot. And shared it on Facebook.

I’m gonna get another beer and then I’ll probably saunter over to Facebook to see what’s happening.
How about you? What are you up to lately?

Summer Sandal Shopping

I checked my archives and not only am I behind on everything at Holly Gab & Lucitebox, but I’ve also failed to procure my Summer sandalsThe last time I bought new sandals was 2 years ago in March. They’re are in okay shape (not great) but I feel like they’re played out now, so it’s time to begin the quest. (Did I mention, I love summer and summer shoes! I do!)

Typically, I wouldn’t be in a lather about being a month late to go sandal shopping, but if I wait until June or July, they don’t have much left in the stores, and suddenly, it’s July 4th and Fall boot season is in full swing. Drivesmetotallycrazy.  I know, I know. That’s not an astute observation. Anyone who buys new clothing has probably experienced that woeful moment when you lose a glove in January and realize there are no more gloves in the stores.  You’d have better luck replacing that glove by going to the lost and found at Nordstrom than actually getting a pair of new gloves at Nordstrom.  I don’t know about you, but this retail practice of stocking goods that are not in season makes me want to shop even less than I already do.  The typical retailer’s calendarical (is that a word?) chronic pressure to move merch does little to inspire me to actually buy more merch. (And I love shoes, people. Love them.)

One nice thing about being a vintage fiend is that if you’re looking for something out of season, there’s a good chance a vintage dealer will have options. Like, imagine my surprise when these things turned up at MY OWN vintage sale at my own house.

Me: “Oh, Lee. These would be so great with that dress you bought from me. What size do you wear again? Oh, 8 1/2…[Lee tries on shoes]…wait, they’re too big? Hey, they’re probably a size 9 and that’s my size! Let me see if those fit me!  Ohmygod, they fit!” [Removes shoe and rushes to put the shoes on my own shoe rack.]

If you’re wondering where I’m going with this, it’s really just to underscore that I still haven’t started my blog that I planned to start called “” I’ve talked about this before, remember?

And then another thing…those sandals in the first photo are by Bernard Rudofsky. I would like to call your attention to this shoe history post here.  I suspect you can easily find out more about Bernardo on your own and you may even find his architectural contributions of interest.  I like buildings, but I’m equally as happy to learn that one of Rudofsky’s visionary talents involved making shoes that are actually designed for feet. (Imagine that.)  Moreover, guess who is seriously considering getting a pair of these Bernardo sandals? (Hint: it’s the same person who has yet to begin, but has spent quite a bit of time working on this blog for the last few months. I’m delighted to have put that blog in the can, so to speak.)

What about your Spring/Summer footwear? Are there sandals in your shoe collection that you live in all season? Do you have a favorite brand of summer sandals? Have you found the shoes that you wear over and over and perish the thought that they might wear out?

Persnickety people with foot issues would love to hear from you in the comments!


Lead image via

Busy Pants: Inspired By The 70s

We should call this week Busy Pants Friday! We’ve been so busy lately working on our new blog, “sorryfornotblogging.” What’s more, it takes a lot of time and upkeep to maintain this perfect page boy.

If you feel like this photo is like getting punch in the face with color then you have  a pretty good idea how we felt when we noticed our last blogzes was on Mondays!

Anyellows–You should see the whole photo spread in October Vogue Germany.  (Go and look. It’s worth it!)  Our friend, Sandi Vincent alerted us to this rad vivid set of ’70s inspired images. Awesome photos.  Awesome hairdids. Happy Hot Pants Friday, mein Schätzchen!

This Cat’s Been Missing

I don’t know where I got this image, but I love it. I would like to thank whoever made this poster and whoever photographed it and put it on Tumblr. (I think that’s where I originally found it last year.) I search for it on my hard drive and look at it when I need a little chuckle.

As for this cat, I’ll be back here blogging soon! I don’t have a lot of gabbing to do. Most of what I write bores me. The moment this ennui lifts, you’ll be the first to know.

By the way, I think it would be really funny to start a blog that wholly consists of pages and pages of apologies for not blogging more regularly. I tend to give up on blogs that leave me  hanging with disclaimers, like, “Sorry I haven’t been around much…” I believe it would just be called  “”

Please don’t give up on me, though, okay?