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I Want This

Not exactly sure where I’d put it in my house, but this popcorn vending machine is definitely on my birthday wish list. (Sorry, I can’t remember where I found this amazing photo. If it’s yours, do let me know.)

Do You Speak Flapper?

Over on another blog called Bookflaps, there’s a post about The Flapper Magazine. I hope you haven’t already heard of this magazine, because I haven’t, and if you know about it that means you never told me about it, ya crumb gobbler. I like to think that I’ve heard of everything (even things like this) [...]

Which Season Looks Like Barf In Gold?

I have had this dress in my personal stash for a few months. I really didn’t buy it for myself, yet I tried it on and was completely thrilled with the cut. I’m not, to say the least, particularly thrilled with how I look in gold tones. Enter Your Season™ Color Guide! Remember this ’80s [...]

Abracadabra…I wanna reach out and grab ya

In my mind’s eye, I can see myself climbing up this porch (wherever it is) to get at these boots. I’m not interested in stealing them. I just want to know if a size 6D fits me properly. I want to feel how the boots are worn inside to make sure I’m not going to [...]

French Sailor: Off-The-Rack

Nautical styles are classic. That is why I like them. I want a real Meridian sailor striped shirt. I want it to become my signature style. When you see photos of me, you’ll know it’s me no matter what year it is or how different I look at any given time because I’ll be wearing [...]

I Don’t Gots The Wants

Oh, noes! My wants list is empty! I have about five boring things on my watch item list on eBay.  What should I do?! Is it possible that I’ve stopped wanting? The other day I was talking with my friend, Maija, while looking at a yarn catalog. (Oh, by the way, I started knitting. I [...]

I Gots The Wants

My regular I Gots The Wants! feature is on hold today. I have the wants for one thing that’s on eBay right now. I am so interested to win it, I’m being a selfish little piggy. I can’t show it off just in case someone with deeper pockets than I have gets “the wants”, too.  [...]

I Gots The Wants!

Happy Friday. A quick short Wants! today. If you’re new and tuning in today, this feature is done on Fridays. It’s on this day that I showcase some vintage things that I think are cool. Many of them are for sale on eBay and all photos have clickable links.  I have no affiliation with the [...]

I Gots The Wants: Website Edition

I typically highlight things I really like in this regular feature every Friday. It’s common that all of my “wants” are culled after a week of trawling eBay. This week, I’m happy to present the website edition where I’m showing you some great things offered by vintage dealers who have online boutiques. All of the [...]

I Gots The Wants!

Remember this?  It’s a little thing that I invented called “I Gots The Wants” and it’s a regular feature here on Fridays. Um. Yeah. I know. You don’t need to tell me that it’s not a regular feature if I don’t do it regularly. I know, I know, I know. I’ve been somewhat lax in [...]