Good afternoon Holly!
Oh My Goodness!!! You had described another 40s frock which sold as 'Amazeballs' (it Was fabulous, those cherry buttons and print was Highly droolworthy!) and I think the same word is fitting for ths ensemble! I am sure to wow everybody with it!!! Hopefully I'll get some photographs to show you how it all turned out (I am yet to receive my hat).
Thank you for being so lovely and understanding, I will certainly be back to purchase more fabulous things with the passing of time!
I must dash and finish off packing, thank you once again and I hope your business continues to flourish - you have wonderful taste!!!
Warmest Regards

Carly in Australia

Hi Holly,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
I received my skirt yesterday evening, and I ADORE it! It is even more FABULOUS in person! The fabric is still bright and crisp, and I love how the original owner took the mini diagrams from the skirt instructions and sewed them around the waist. TOO CUTE!

Laura in GA

Dear Holly,
You need to go outside and face south. You will see a glow in the sky in the direction of Tennessee. That will be me - beaming!
This skirt has exceeded all my expectations. I am thrilled. Thank you so much for such a pleasant transaction. It fits as if it was made for me. Just perfect. I have already crowed to a kindergarten teacher about "the find of the year." The multi-year quest is over and I now own the beloved Si and Am skirt. THANK YOU!!!!!! Rest assured, this great vintage piece has a loving home!
Wishing you much success,

Pam in TN

I just opened my two items (the blue/black brocade ensemble and the kaftan). They are both outstanding -- the condition on each is perfect! I am so impressed!!
Re: the kaftan, I will most definitely wear that hostessing pool-side this summer. I just cannot get enough of that 70s vibe!!
Re: the suit -- the dress hangs up on my hips (no surprise there). So until my latest regime takes effect (wink!), I will have the matching coat as the perfect, classic, stunning evening coat with a simple black dress. Beautiful and stylish forever!! You're right, the fabric is to die for. Truly a treasure -- it must have been hard to part with that one!!
Thanks again, Holly. Those are sensational new additions to my collection, and I will wear them!

Lauren P. in MA

I have been shamefully remiss in letting you know how fabulous the wrap dress is! Fabulous! The italics barely scratch the surface of my entire Lucite Box experience. The package got here so fast, I couldn't decide whether you had shot it from a cannon, or were hiding in the bushes in front of my house. The dress itself is terrific, silky and sexy as promised. I wore it to a wedding and got nothing but enthusiastic compliments. And your personal emails and attention were just the icing on the cake. I hope that my poor correspondence skills were not in any way interpreted as disappointment. It was me being remiss. Remiss! The italics don't cover it :)
Anyway, thanks for helping me prove to friends and family that I don't always look like I've been dragged backwards through a hedge,

Elle V. in CA

I am so thrilled with the handbag (the large-for-the-era black wool with French close and short handle) I could scream!

Carolina B in FL

I received my skirt yesterday evening, and I ADORE it! It is even more FABULOUS in person! The fabric is still bright and crisp, and I love how the original owner took the mini diagrams from the skirt instructions and sewed them around the waist. TOO CUTE!

Laura C. in GA

Thank you Holly, my lovely dress arrived.

Wendye in Australia

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the dress. It fits very well and I've already worn it to theatre! It will totally be a regular in my fall wardrobe!

Jessica in QLD

Hey Holly. I love the dress, it's perfect! It will be showcased at a wedding I'm attending in October. Thank you so much! I will be sure to give you more business in the future.

Debra in IL

The dress arrived safe and sound. Its beautiful - i love it to pieces! Thank you so much for shipping it over to the Uk.

Laura in UK

I received the sweater and I love it! It is a dream.

Ann-Marie in CA.

My dress is fantastic! Fits like a glove. Old dresses always seem to fit me better, I guess it's true that they just don't make 'em like they used to. Thanks so much! I'm keeping an eye on your shop even though I really don't need anything...whoops. Thanks again,

Cecil in NSW

I love the dress! And thanks for the sweet note.

Patricia in CA.

Hi. I received the lamps today. I love them. They are sitting pretty in my bedroom. Thank you.

Diana C. in CA

I received the jacket and I LOVE it!!! I definitely cannot wait to wear it (when the weather finally comes above freezing...haha). I really appreciate the care you take in packing the garments - I have ordered from other vintage retailers before and it seems like they just shove the garment into the bag and are done with it. I feel like I'm opening a well-wrapped present from you! =) Anyways, all is well in snowy Ohio. Thank you again!

Caroline S. in OH

Holly, I just got her in yesterday and she is even better in person than she was online! Thank you so much.

Jenny V. in VA

Holly, I just had to let you know that Taryn went NUTS over the goblet! Her friends are SO jealous! What's really funny...Taryn had a Jimi Hendrix CD playing when my BF and I showed up! Perfect! I wrote down your site for her and she shared it with a few friends. They may be shopping with you too. Thanks again for the awesome packing and fast shipping!

Lynn in VA

Holly, I got it, and I love it! Thanks so much,

Marjorie in NJ

Dear Holly, The green voile dress has arrived and is fabulous. It's in wonderful condition - was a bit nervous about a cotton, but it's great. It fits well, can't put on weight though, but it's lovely. I have a thin black belt that goes well with it. The only problem is my daughter has spied it! She's 24 and quite slim and a vintage queen, and it would actually look lovely on her. She thinks on her it would have a 30's look. She is blessed with hair that light auburn/reddish, greenish eyes and porcelain skin - thanks to her aversion to the sun. You can imagine how the colours in the dress would suit her!

Margaret in NSW

The Beene arrived today. It is fabulous. Thank you for the dress, the fast shipping and the discount.

Yin Yee C. in Singapore

Hello Holly, just wanted to let you know that the present arrived way on time (last friday, in fact). My boyfriend loves the cocktail set :)
Best wishes,

Nele V. in Netherlands

I received my dress!! Your measurements were perfect! The dress fit exact! I also wanted to add that was the best packing job I've ever seen!! I was so nervous because we've been having rain storms and was worried about it getting soaked. I can't tell you have relieved and happy I was to see it safely wrapped inside plastic and in a box!! Not everyone does that!! Thank you again!!!! I will be traveling for the holidays but will definitely be looking back at the store for new items when I return!

Cynthia S. in CA

Hi Holly, I just received the sweater and it is absolutely PERFECT!!!! I am so excited to wear it now! I was looking for something with a little unique sparkle to wear out or with rocker t-shirts to incorporate into my own sense of fashion. Thank you so much! I will definitely keep an eye on your shop in the future.

Caroline S. in OH

Holly, My dress arrived today and it is AWESOME!! Thank you so much and I hope you got all the technical bugs worked out.

Jenny V. in VA

What a dress!  It's beautiful!  It fits!  I could never do what you do, I would want to just keep everything.  It really looks fantastic on, no doubt about it.  Thanks Holly.

Karen S. in CA

The dress arrived a couple of days ago and it is so super cute! I love it! It's in such beautiful condition and it fits perfectly.

Laura P. in OH

Received the dress last week and I LOVE it, just like I knew I would. It fits perfectly! Thanks so much for the quick shipping =) I plan on wearing it this weekend.

Rubie L. in CA

I received the dress the other day. It is FABULOUS, and perfect in every way! Thank you so much again. I'm counting down the days to wearing it!

Becca G. in PA

I got the dresses! They arrived a little while ago... They are gorgeous.

Amy V. in Amsterdam

Just to let you know I got the dress today. (The MALIA CHERRIES dress). And I'm absolutely delighted with it. It's even nicer than the pics. Thanks for your great service. I'll be back to your shop again.

Paula R. in Ireland

I got it. Lord, so fast. Almost the next day. It is amazing and fits me perfectly. I am *very* grateful.

Deborah N. in RI

Thanks for offering this beauty, and for your excellent customer service-- the Kenzo set came today, and WOW! It's even more beautiful than in your pictures, and in my imagination. Soooo soft, so wonderfully cut, and such rich colors. I can't wait till the temperatures drop enough for me to wear it!

Carrie P. in MA

I am really happy with the dress, I love it! The neckline is so unusual and I always look for things like that.

Sue J. in WI

Just wanted to let you know I got the dress today - we just got back from a trip out of town. It's great! What a fun dress. Now I just need to find a place to wear it...

Liz M. in VA

The dress is gorgeous, and absolutely fantastic! It actually fits beautifully without a girdle. My friends are jealous, and my boyfriend thinks it looks fabulous. I had a hard time hiding it away in my closet until cooler weather; I can't wait to wear it around. Thanks so much!

Greta N. in GA

I love the dress! Thanks again!

Hallie L. in TX