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Like a Corn Field in Palm Beach

I’ve lived in the Land of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Corn my entire life.  Because I wasn’t raised by hippies, I didn’t really have a solid connection to food stuffs and how they’re conventionally grown. My grandparents were dairy farmers. All I knew was that they worked hard and didn’t go on vacation until they retired. They [...]

Fore! It’s Friday!

We, at International House of Hot Pants, would probably take up golf if it looked more like this. Does it look anything like this today? We don’t know. Hate golf.  Love hot pants! Happy Hot Pants Friday! ___________________________________________________________________________ Scopitone recently posted @ The Redundant Variety Hour. Enjoy the zany antics!

Pink and Sneezy and Glitzy

I quit smoking, and in doing so, I came to realize I’m allergic to things. I now have seasonal allergies and I get extremely congested after drinking more than one hoppy beer. This is sad. I love IPAs. I guess all that tar and garbage in the cigs was masking any sensitivity I may have [...]

Seeing Double

Just in case you couldn’t tell, we’re together. _______________________________________________________________________ Spiegel catalog Spring/Summer 1967.

Color Explosion: Louis Feraud 1967

I’m crazy for it! These and many more amazing photographs are available at L’Officiel. Go there and delight in it.

Car Coats 1962

Let’s look at Car Coats from 1962. This is the type of outwear we should be lucky enough to wear this time of year. Rich tweeds, fun plaids, cozy collars, nice Fall colorways…oh, what I wouldn’t give to be wearing this type of coat. I’m begging for a few days of the idyllic Fall weather [...]

Wood Hues from a Fall Landscape: 1960

3. Coat Dress with a youthful swagger. Emphatic pockets are placed knee-deep on the generously full skirt. Shantung-textured blend of rayon, cotton and acetate. Dry clean. Just look at the evergreen colored coat dress, numbah 3 on the right.  That’s the one! Who wouldn’t want a dress with emphatic pockets? (Emphatic pockets! Oh, lawdy!) Give [...]

Hollah for the Collah!

And let’s hear it for those hairdos, too! I’m deeply in love with the bouffanty hair that’s paired with the blue suit. In 1967, these fox and mink fur trimmed suits retailed for $34.95 to $47.95. Today’s dollar  = Approx. $237.00 – $325.00. __________________________________________________________________________ From Spiegel Catalog — Spring/Summer 1967

Colors Compliment

They sure do. _______________________________________________________________________ Montgomery Wards- Fall & Winter 1962

Sportempos Has That Suburbia Look

There’s not a thing in my closet that trumps this vintage late ’50s / early ’60s novelty print blouse I bought on eBay many years ago. I’d almost forgotten I owned it. Thinking that it was a little snug in the bust, I stopped wearing a couple Spring seasons ago. Now, it seems to fit [...]